Intensive, personal consulting for one, two or three full days.

Have you ever received full attention for an entire day?

Conscious Questing is a place to pause from your daily routines in life. My quests are for the benefit of people wanting to create peaceful change in their lives during times of major transition. Together we create a safe space where you can rediscover your own values and rhythms lost or denied under the stresses of life. In this nurturing environment you will get to know and appreciate yourself anew by shifting energy disturbances and traumas that no longer serve you and re-create a template for your life, fuelled by self respect, kindness and imagination.

What To Expect

The length of each person’s stay can vary from 1 to 5 days, although 3 days is the popular pick. Activities will be customized and self-directed yet supported with daily, one-on-one personal coaching, discussion and activities. The content of your one-on-one sessions may include the sharing of knowledge (intellectual, emotional and physical), energy work, and exploration of several simple yet profoundly useful processes to shift energy disturbances and self-judgments into the power of Joy. Joy is a sign of deep health.

You may use evenings to independently integrate, study or simply relax with what you are discovering in your daytime sessions. With Conscious Questing we both read the signs of the moment and co-create from that.

The quest is an incubator for you to consciously transform yourself.

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