The work I have done with Jonathan has allowed me to feel and express parts of myself that I have not allowed myself to express before. By seeing and allowing these parts of me to be expressed with another person, I have experienced a greater freedom and a deeper integration of my soul. Jonathan’s gentle yet powerful presence creates a safe space for these deeper parts of me to be expressed. My time with him has allowed a healing that has transformed those life patterns that I thought may have been locked into my being forever. To do work with Jonathan is to love yourself fully.

Jasen McQuarrie, Victoria, BC

A recommendation from a mutual friend lead me to Jonathan. After meeting him over a coffee I had a very comfortable and sincere feeling that questing with Jonathan was going to be a beneficial learning experience. During the quest, I felt very at ease and able to explore some of my inner feelings in a safe environment. The conversation, reading and belief challenges we had helped me look at my life differently.

On our second night, I felt an inner peace that I have never experienced in my life. To know that such a state exists is exciting. I have also been able to look at paradigms that I have held for many years and start to shift them. For me personally, most of my previous experience was under the guidance of women. Jonathan was the first male that I was able to relate to and talk to regarding some deep rooted feelings.

G.L., Vancouver, BC

Jonathan has an amazing gift. Before I left for my first quest, I was quite intimidated by the whole process. As soon as I met him, I relaxed. His easy nature and quiet wisdom made the process simple. I had so much fun and I laughed like I have never laughed before.

My quest became this amazing adventure back to me for I began to uncover my authentic self. What am incredible gift he has given me and continues to give me. I have been on three quests now and continue to grow and evolve under his tutelage. His input, questions and gentle wisdom have been an essential part of my process back to myself. Thank you Jonathan. I look very much looking forward to my next quest with you.

D.D., Calgary, AB

I saw a profound change in a dear friend who had quested with Jonathan. An open mindedness. I came to our quest with no expectations. My intent and hope was to understand more clearly and hopefully realise misdirected energy. Our work during the quest was very helpful . More is unfolding. My life feels different as a result of questing with Jonathan. I feel able to contact – have names for things that were whispers. This is still very much “a work in process” and I am very grateful for Jonathan’s ongoing support.

E.T., Calgary, AB

Jonathan, you have such a wonderful gift of realigning people. Thank you.

K.M., Vancouver, BC

I was hugely fortunate to be introduced to Jonathan by a mutual friend earlier this year and to be able to spend a day questing with him. This came at a time when I had been closer to suicide than I now care to remember after a traumatic and sudden end to a hugely significant relationship in my life. This period made me realise that I had still unaddressed issues surrounding my father’s sexual abuse of me and my mother’s own emotional issues for which I had always held myself responsible.

I give this background to help to explain how vulnerable I was and yet how safe I felt in Jonathan’s presence. Jonathan held the space for me and he allowed me not only to understand but to experience total acceptance and love that the universe has for all of us.

This has been a turning point for me. Although my past and my situation remain the same, I can give myself the love and generosity that I can show others. This gift of strength and freedom is one I will always carry with me.

Jonathan is a man whom I trust absolutely and whose clarity of insight, warmth of spirit and generosity of intent is something I have never met before.

A.B., North Yorkshire, England

With Jonathan, I felt completely accepted and honoured for who I am while being gently, yet boldly, guided to explore deeper openings into awareness and understanding. It was a truly enriching experience.

S.A., Nevada City, CA

Jonathan is gifted with two great qualities. The first is that he knows what to ask so I feel both safe and challenged to reveal my deeper story. The second is his capacity to listen so that both of us are profoundly exposed to fresh and healthy possibilities of what life can be like in the days ahead.

T.E., Grass Valley, CA

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